Sunshine Berry Spritzer – Non Alcoholic Brunch Party Punch Recipe

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Brunch party punch is one of the keys to keeping your party guests happy! Sunshine Berry Spritzer is an easy non-alcoholic brunch party punch recipe, so even the kids can enjoy it! This bubbly punch is packed with fresh fruit flavors.

You may not know it, but I am a huge fan of fun and easy party punch recipes.  In fact, I think my mom is one of the best party punch makers I know.  When we were challenged to create a beverage as part of the #15MinuteSuppers group, I was super excited!

For this quick and easy beverage idea, I’m sharing a drink recipe that is perfect for summer time, breakfast, brunches or just whenever.

Sunshine Berry Spritzer: Non Alcoholic Brunch Party Punch
With sunshine in the name, how could it not be perfect for summer?!

Sunshine Berry Spritzer – Non Alcoholic Brunch Party Punch Recipe


  • ½ gallon orange juice
  • 2 small cans pineapple juice
  • 1 TBL lemon juice
  • 1 sm pkg frozen sliced strawberries (with or without sugar)
  • 2 cans club soda/seltzer water/lemon lime soda
  • ice


  1. In a big pitcher mix together orange juice, lemon juice and pineapple juice
  2. Next add sliced strawberries – if it’s too frozen, defrost it a little in the microwave
  3. Mix juice and berries together
  4. Add 2 cans of club soda (less sweet) or lemon lime soda (more sweet)
  5. Pour over ice to serve

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