Spring Memory Game

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Spring Memory Game

Spring Memory Game

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Spring is in the air! This is my favorite time of year as I love the warmer weather and blooming flowers and trees all around. To celebrate the new season, I created a fun Spring Memory Game for my kids. The weather was so nice we decided to play outside. But we didn’t want to keep the fun to ourselves, so I am sharing this memory game with you for free. At the end of this post, you’ll be able to download this free memory game so you can play it with your kids. Enjoy!

Download this free Spring Memory Game and enjoy it with your kids. Just print and play! #freeprintables #memorygame #springactivities

Spring Memory Game

This fun Spring Memory Game depicts pretty, colorful flowers that kids need to match. There will be information on how to download your free printables to make your own game at the end of this post. Once you download the game, print it out on white paper.

free printable spring memory game

Glue the white paper to some cardstock and cut out the pieces. The cardstock will make the pieces more sturdy and will ensure that you can’t see the images through the back of the paper.

spring matching game

Then simply shuffle the cards and spread them out on a surface (we decided to head outdoors and soak up some sun) and play.

kids playing a memory game

Each player takes a turn flipping over two cards looking for a match. If they have a match, then they get to keep those cards. If they do not have a match, then they turn the cards face down again and the next player goes. When all the matches have been found, the players count up their cards. The person with the most cards wins!

Some of the flowers on the cards are similar, so kids really need to use their visual discrimination skills to find the matches.

spring memory game

And we have our winner!

My kids had a blast with this game and have played it over and over again. I hope your kids enjoy it as well!

You can download your own Spring Memory Game below. These printables may not be copied and sold or reproduced in any way. They cannot be changed or altered by you in any way and then sold as your own. If you are sharing this game, you must direct people to my website and not to a link for the PDF. Do not store these on your website, on a file sharing website or on Facebook or Dropbox. This memory game was created by Mess for Less.

You can download the Spring Memory Game here.


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