Sichuan fried rice | Fast Food Recipe

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Chinese home cooking troubled and difficult. Yet many of us do at home, cooking Chinese food. Chinese dishes of fried rice. Chicken, prawn fried rice is how many types of cooking, I try to cook fried rice is a little different. Restaurant in the house very easily remove the Sichuan fried rice.

Two cups cooked rice, 1 / two cup bean onion,

 1 / two cup chopped carrot,

 1 / two cup Capsicum onion,

 1 / two cup chopped onion bud (white part), 

1 tablespoon soy sauce, two tablespoons Sichuan sauce,

 2- 3 pm KwaZulu chop garlic, ginger, onion, soybean oilRecipe1) First, as a pan heat the oil over medium heat. Then chop the ginger and the garlic. You can give ginger garlic paste.2) a little bit after frying the bean, carrot, onion and chopped coli dinaebara stir well for a while. The mushrooms, baby corn can add.3) Once the Capsicum fried vegetables, soy sauce, Sichuan sauce will.4) At this time of the day with boiled rice. Basmati, rice pilau anything you can give it. Please note that the rice was cold. Would not it hot rice. Then stir well for a while. When the drop down red rice.


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