Painting Activities for Toddlers

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Painting Activities for Toddlers

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Toddlers love art and exploration. But how do you know which art activities are toddler friendly? You don’t want anything that is going to be too complicated or frustrating for your toddler. These Painting Activities for Toddlers are designed to be simple enough to engage little hands (and sometimes feet!) while allowing kids to explore their creative side.

These Painting Activities for Toddlers are designed to be simple enough to engage little hands while allowing kids to explore their creative side.  #toddler #toddleractivities #paintingactivities #kidsactivities

Painting Activities for Toddlers

Bubble Wrap Stomp Painting from Mess for Less – Save that bubble wrap that you get with your next package and do this fun movement and painting activity with your toddler.

Bubble Painting from Typically Simple – Oh what fun this art session will be when painting with bubbles. It’s a great way to use up the last bit of paint too!

Ice Painting Activity from Laughing Kids Learn -It’s so fun that painting doesn’t have to be relegated to store bought paints and paper. Your children can create beautiful, colorful art pieces with ice paint!

DIY Nature Paint Brushes from Apple Green Cottage – I love that this activity shows your children that things from nature can be used for many different purposes. Go on a nature walk to scavenge for brushes and then create a masterpiece!

Painting with Trucks from Mess for Less – This fun art activity will have kids painting using the wheels of a toy truck.

Painting on Foil Art Inspired by Van Gogh from Messy Little Monster – Grab a kids’ book from the library about Van Gogh and then imitate his art with your little artist by making this foil art.

Butterfly Painting from My Bored Toddler – Sometimes it’s the simple things that turn out to be the most beautiful. This art is simple, but can be so beautiful and can be used to make a card!

Kids Thank You Cards from Just Measuring Up – When it’s time to write thank yous for gifts or cards of appreciation, let your kids create them instead of buying them. The recipient will appreciate them even more and your kids will have fun expressing their artistic side!

Painting with Water from Happy Hooligans – Are your kids begging to paint (maybe to help you paint a room)? Set your toddlers up outside with a big old bucket of water and paint brushes to paint the patio, driveway or really anything.

Shape Painting with Mega Bloks from Mess for Less – What a cool way for toddlers to create art! They get to use a familiar toy in a new way in this fun activity.

Hand Print Flower Painting from My Bored Toddler – There’s just something special about hand print art because it serves as a reminder of how small their little hands were. A lot of toddlers love the feeling of paint on their hands too!

Sponge Painting for Toddlers from No Time for Flashcards – Art can be as easy as cutting up some cheap sponges getting out the paint. It doesn’t have to be complicated and your toddler will love the experience!

Sand Painting for Toddlers from Kiddy Charts – Add some texture to your child’s painting experience with sand. It will add a little dimension to the art work.

Painting with Fruits and Vegetables from My Bored Toddler – Another way to show children that anything can be used as a tool to create art. Grab some fruit from the kitchen and paint and you have everything you need to make some beautiful art.

Painting with Balloons with Learning 4 Kids – Change up your art time by painting with balloons instead of brushes. It definitely gives a different look to the finished product.

Fingerprint Painting Fun from Powerful Mothering – Oh the joys of finger painting! Some children do not like the feel of paint on their hands but others love the feeling of paint between their fingers!

Stomp Splash Fun from B-Inspired Mama – Head outside and get the kiddos moving while they create! What better way to burn off some energy than painting while jumping?!?


If you are looking for more fun ways to engage your kids, I highly recommend KiwiCo. As a former teacher, I was really impressed with the quality of materials found in KiwiCo. Some moms have told me that they want to do activities like I do on Mess For Less with their kids, but they just don’t have to the time to go buy all the supplies and prepare them for the activity. KiwiCo is the perfect solution. Every month your KiwiCo will focus on a particular theme like Colors, Dinosaurs or Gardening. KiwiCo offer a variety of projects ranging from crafts, imaginative play, science experiments and more.

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