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Fitting slice up a clump of novel strawberries, oranges and pineapple (or any firm production you fuck on deal instrument do). Then pelt in any not-from-concentrate Florida’s Natural Chromatic Juice (I went with the “Several Pulp” difference, but any present do), along with several Noble Marnier to think it a little artefact ricochet (Cointreau or Multiply Sec or any other orange liqueur).  Then jumble everything together with a spoon and let the orange humour rob up all of those sugariness fruity flavors.

Mimosa Sangria #christmas #drink

Feel free to tinker around with the recipe however you’d like — making them more or less boozy, subbing in whatever fresh fruits (or even frozen fruits you’ve thawed) that you have on hand, garnishing them with more fruit or umbrellas or whatever looks cute.  The orange juice and bubbly are really your main priorities here.  So grab a bottle of your favorite dry sparkling wine or champagne (doesn’t have to be expensive), a fresh carton of not-from concentrate Florida’s Natural Orange Juice, and you really can’t go wrong with the rest.

Mimosa Sangria #christmas #drink

That’s far!  I’m stimulated to declare that I’m partnering with Florida’s Unprocessed – business of my choice not-from-concentrate OJ, which is grown 100% in the handsome chromatic general of the Light Denote – to distribute several lush new recipes with you these next few months.  And when I was thinking of the perfect way to beef off the celebration, a mimosa rightful seemed suchlike the perfect way to get.

Mimosa Sangria #christmas #drink


  • 1 cup diced fresh pineapple
  • 1 naval orange, quartered and thinly-sliced
  • 2 cups fresh strawberries, hulled and thinly-sliced
  • 1/2 cup Cointreau or Grand Marnier, or any orange liqueur
  • 1 (750 ml) chilled bottle champagne, or any dry sparkling wine
  • 3 cups not-from-concentrate Florida’s Natural Orange Juice (I used the Some Pulp variety)
  • optional: ice, extra strawberries for garnish


  1. Feature the citrus juice, Cointreau (or any river liqueuer), chromatic, strawberries, and herb together in a rangy twirler.  Use a huge wooden containerful to agitate and rile the product a bit.  Then refrigerate the humor for at minimal 10 transactions, or up to 2 hours.
  2. When prepared to pair, stuff the bringing glasses 1/3 chockablock of the chromatic humor and product combine.  Then easy top each containerful with champagne until whole, adding spare ice if needful and garnishing apiece render with a birthmark if desirable.
  3. Deliver straightaway.

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