Healthy Strawberry Santas

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Healthy Strawberry Santas A fun Christmas food idea for kids. Simple to make and so cute.

Healthy Strawberry Santa Ingredients

  • Strawberries
  • A banana
  • Cottage Cheese
  • A black gel icing pen

Healthy Strawberry Santa Method

  1. Take the top off a strawberry (ie the leaves)
  2. Slice a second slice from the top of the strawberry
  3. Slice a disc from a banana
  4. Spread one side of the banana with cottage cheese (relatively thickly, as this will become the beard)
  5. Place the strawberry slice on the serving plate
  6. Add the slice of the banana on top, cottage cheese side down
  7. Take the gel icing pen and add 2 dots on the edge of the banana slice to look like eyes
  8. Place the remaining part of the strawberry on top as the hat
  9. Repeat for as many Santas you wish to make

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