Free Fish Bookmarks to Color

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Free Fish Bookmarks to Color

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We are obsessed with the library! My kids and I are voracious readers and buying all those books we read would cost a ton. So we make frequent trips to the library. When you borrow books a lot, it is important to take good care of them. One of the simplest things a library patron can do is use a bookmark rather than fold over the edges of pages. One way I can motivate my kids to use bookmarks is to have them create their own. Recently, they got to uniquely color their own fish bookmarks and they have been using them ever since. But these bookmarks are too cute to keep to myself! So I am sharing some Free Fish Bookmarks to Color with you. You just download and print them and your kids will do the rest!

Download these free fish bookmarks to color. Kids can decorate them any way they wish and never lose their spot in a book again. #kdisactivities #bookmarks #printable #freecoloring #coloringprinatble

Free Fish Bookmarks to Color

My kids love to color. They use all kinds of things when they color – colored pencils, markers, gel pens and crayons. The great thing about these printable free bookmarks is that your child can use a variety of materials to color them.

coloring a bookmark with a colored pencil

So whatever art supplies you have on hand or whatever ones your child prefers will work here. I even think these would be pretty if painted with a thin paintbrush and water color paints.

child coloring a bookmark with markers

However you decide to color these DIY bookmarks, my one recommendation is to use bold colors as it really helps the bookmark to stand out and pop.

fish bookmarks colored with marker

You can download your bookmarks here. Then simply print them out and cut them so they are ready to color.

Free Fish Bookmarks to Color

By the way, I have been mentioning kids coloring these bookmarks but they are in no way limited to kids. I know many adults find coloring to be calming and these would be wonderful for adults to color as well.

Free Fish Bookmarks to Color

If you are looking to create a sturdier bookmark, you can have them laminated when they are done being decorated.

Free Fish Bookmarks to Color

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