Flower Craft Idea

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Flower Craft Idea

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I love receiving flowers, but the only p[problem with them is that they don’t last forever. That is why these paper flowers are perfect to make for someone you love. They look pretty, last a long time, and can be created in any color combination you prefer. This Flower Craft Idea is perfect to make with older kids since they have the fine motor skills needed to cut out the flowers. I have included a free template that you can download to make your flowers look perfect!

This Flower Craft Idea is easy to make with a template that you can download for free. Colorful and pretty, these flowers are perfect for kids to create. #craft #papercrafts #flowercraft #kidscrafts

Flower Craft Idea

Supplies needed to make the flowers:

  • Colored craft paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Flower template (download here)

How to make this craft:

Download the flower template here and print. Cut out the flower pieces. Select 4 or 5 different colored craft papers for the flowers. Trace the template patterns on the selected craft papers and cut them out using scissors.

making paper flowers
Take the spiral pattern cutout and start to roll the spiral from the outer edge.

paper flowers
Continue to roll the spiral pattern towards the center. It will look a little like a snail.

how to make paper flowers
Once the rolling reaches the center, allow the rolled spiral pattern to loosen up a little. Apply a drop of glue on the center to secure the spiral roll.

paper flower ideas
Grab the flower pattern cutout. Create crease from the tip of a petal towards the center of the flower pattern by folding the paper. Do the same for each petal.

paper flowers
Take the snowflake pattern cutout and glue it on the center of the creased flower pattern.

how to make a flower craft
Glue the rolled spiral pattern to the center of the snowflake pattern. Glue the flower pattern to the circle shaped cutout. Apply a drop of glue on the scalloped border paper cutout.

flower craft for kids

Now place the round paper on the center of the scalloped border paper cutout to create your beautiful flower craft.

easy flower craft
Now your flower is done! You can add more layers if you want, just make sure to adjust the size and pattern.

flower craft idea

Cut out a stem and leaf patterns from green colored craft papers and attach them to the flowers.

flower craft ideas

You can use these paper flowers as a decoration, on a homemade greeting card, or as art. It’s up to you!

flower craft idea

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