Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

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Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

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Fine motor skills are so important to a child’s development. These skills help kids to strengthen the small muscles in their hands which help them with important life skills such as grasping things, writing, feeding themselves, and more. Did you know that even toddlers can begin to work on their fine motor skills at home? Here are some easy activities you can set up for your toddler that will be both challenging and fun. These 20 Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers use many items you already have at home, so there is no need to spend a lot of money.

Here are some easy activities you can set up for your toddler that will be both challenging and fun. These 20 Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers use many items you already have at home, so there is no need to spend a lot of money. #finemotor #finemotoractivities #toddlers #toddleractivities

Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

Fruit Loop Towers from Mess for Less – These fruit loop towers are a simple way to practice fine motor skills with little ones. Plus kids can eat the fruit loops when they are done!

Find the Bug Fine Motor Activity from Views from a Step Stool – Build the muscles in your little one’s fingers with this fantastic “look and find” activity with a bug theme.

Fine Motor Skills Letter Activity from Mom Dot – If your toddler is old enough to recognize letters, this activity will be even more beneficial. It would even be a great way to introduce letters to your little one.

Fine Motor Fun with Pipe Cleaners from Mess for Less – This is one of the easiest fine motor activities for toddlers that you will find. Kids will have a ball while pushing and pulling pipe cleaners.

Taped Toys Fine Motor Activity from Laughing Kids Learn – What a unique activity to build fine motor skills and dexterity. So easy and simple to set up!

Moon Rocks Fine Motor Activity from Pre-K Pages – Just watch the excitement as your toddler builds their little muscles as he gently hammers these moon rocks to reveal what is inside.

Fine Motor Skills Color Recognition Game from Mess for Less – Use recyclables to make a fun game that works on many basic skills for toddlers and preschoolers.

Fine Motor Activity with Q-Tips from Fantastic Fun and Learning – If you’re looking for an activity that you can set up super quickly for your little one and that will keep her occupied while building her fine motor muscles, then this is for you!

Clothesline Names from Pre-K Pages – Help reinforce letter recognition while building fine motor skills with this fantastic activity!

Fine Motor Work with Golf Tees from Mess for Less – Watch how much fun kids can have while practicing their fine motor skills. Try this easy-to-set-up golf tee activity with your little ones.

Straws and Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Activity from Living Life and Learning – Anything simple that can be profitable and fun is a winner in most parents’ books and this activity fits that description well.

Zoo Animals Fine Motor Activity from Pre-K Pages – Maybe you could coordinate this activity with a trip to the zoo or maybe it would be a consolation for a rained out day at the zoo. No matter what, this activity will be sure to entertain!

Fine Motor Frog Life Cycle Activity from Life Over C’s – Does your child enjoy seeing frogs? This activity is a great way to teach them about frogs, make a craft, and use their fine motor skills all at the same time!

Pasta Threading Activity from Laughing Kids Learn – What a brilliant way to practice threading with a toddler and keep it safe for them at the same time!

Q-Tips and Straws from Mess for Less –  A great way to help little hands strengthen fine motor skills and work on colors at the same time.

Pincer Fine Motor Skill Practice from Powerful Mothering – Oh my goodness, you must check out how adorable this fine motor activity is! This will take a bit of prep work, but it will be so worth it as your little one has fun feeding the baby birds!

Garden Pretend Play from Views from a Step Stool – Your kids will enjoy participating in the creation of this garden, as well as benefiting from the activity once it is set up. This would be great in the spring or really any time!

Threading with Large Colored Cardboard Beads from Laughing Kids Learn – Wondering what to do with those empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls? If you have a toddler or preschooler, this would be a great way to recycle those rolls!

Fine Motor Knot Tying Activity from Hands On As We Grow – This activity can build fine motor skills in multiple ways – first by making the knots, and then by taking them out.

Spider Fine Motor Activity from Pre-K Pages-Whether or not you or your child like spiders will be irrelevant to their enjoyment of this fine motor activity. Who doesn’t love googly eyes?!?! This activity also involves some basic threading skills as well!

Try KiwiCo

Looking for more fun activities to do with your kids? I highly recommend KiwiCo, which you can enjoy no matter the weather. As a former teacher, I was really impressed with the quality of materials found in KiwiCo.

Some moms have told me that they want to do activities like I do on Mess For Less with their kids, but they just don’t have to the time to go buy all the supplies and prepare them for the activity. KiwiCo is the perfect solution. Every month your KiwiCo will focus on a particular theme like Colors, Dinosaurs or Gardening. KiwiCo offer a variety of projects ranging from crafts, imaginative play, science experiments and more.

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