DIY Stress Balls

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DIY Stress Balls

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Do you or your kids ever feel stressed? Well, have I got the solution for you – DIY Stress Balls! Okay, so maybe my solution won’t remove all stress from your life, but it should help you lower your stress levels a bit. And hey, every little bit helps, right? These stress balls are super fun to make with kids and there are many options to personalize them. Best of all, they feel amazing when squeezed and they make a great fidget toy.

These DIY Stress are fun to make with kids and there are many options to personalize them. Best of all, they feel amazing when squeezed and they make a great fidget toy. #sensory #stressballs

DIY Stress Balls

I was inspired to make these DIY stress balls after my daughter got a stress ball making kit for her birthday. I had no idea how easy it was to make our own stress balls, and once we ran out of materials from her kit, we bought our own so we could make some at home.

These DIY stress balls are easy to make with some basic supplies, many of which you probably already have at home.

You will need:

  • clear latex balloons
  • small funnel
  • colorful beads
  • water beads
  • water

supplies needed to make stress balls

Kids can easily make these stress balls themselves with some supervision. Make sure you don’t do this with younger kids as the items might pose a choking challenge.

Place the small funnel over the opening of the balloon and hold to make sure the balloon doesn’t fall off. Start dropping beads through the funnel.

child dropping beads into a funnel

Fill the balloon up about halfway with the beads.

balloon filled with beads

Now it is time to add the water beads. Keep in mind that these water beads will GROW, so you don’t want to add too much. Less is more.

adding water beads to a balloon

Next, we will be adding water to the balloon. We added 2 tablespoons of water to the balloon.

pouring water into a balloon

You should add enough water to the balloon so that all of the beads are covered. Tie the end of the balloon.

balloon filled with water and beads

Now comes the hardest part…the waiting.

homemade stress ball

Within a few hours the water beads will start to grow.

make your own stress ball

When left overnight, the real magic happens. The water beads will have soaked up the water and expanded to fit the balloon. The color of your stress ball will depend mainly on the color of water beads you use. We decided to do single color water beads in each balloon, but a mix would be lovely too.

diy stress balls

These balloon stress balls really feel great. My kids love squeezing them and working those small muscles in their hands. Squeezing them is also a wonderful sensory activity.

squeezing a stress ball

As kids squeeze the stress balls, the water beads will break up more and more which will give them a cool, squishy consistency.

squeezing a DIY stress ball

These DIY stress balls are so easy to make that you will want to make a bunch just to have some around whenever you are feeling a little stressed. Not that moms ever feel stressed.

diy stress balls

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