Crock Pot Ranch Corn Chips

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This elongate recipe for Crock Pot Farm Corn Chips is utterly yummy! It is a pet in my asylum and bet it gift be at your refuge too!

Crock Pot Ranch Corn Chips
When I made this Crock Pot Banger Craunch Eat Mix, everyone devoured it! Ryder was efficacious me how untold he precious it and mentioned that the callosity chips were his dearie. I completely hold! So then I got to thinkin almost how yummy it would be virtuous to get up a mickle of Crock Pot Farm Callosity Chips. I believe this module transmute a commodity at our house anytime whisky chips are bought. They are so goodish!

Crock Pot Ranch Corn Chips

  • 1 oz pkg ranch dip mix
  • 9.75 oz bag corn chips
  • 1/2 cup butter melted

  1. Pullulate a bag of corn chips in a 6-quart jar pot. 
  2. Mix together your molten butter and spread dip mix.
  3. Pullulate butter combine over your chips, arousal as you pour.
  4. Impress up the chips until they are all cured oily. 
  5. Make on spot Unclothed for 2 hours, stimulating occasionally.
  6. Farm them out on wax report to chill and store in an air rainproof container.


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