Bump Like a Pimple Near Anus: Causes and Treatment

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Bump Like a Pimple Near Anus: Causes and Treatment

Acne-like bumps near anus can be due to inflammation of the hair channel (called Folliculitis), as well as more extensive infection of Folliculitis are called furuncle (boils). You will experience the symptoms of pain and discomfort especially when these lumps with rubbing against objects. The skin around the wound is redness, swelling, and warmth. Also, white spots can be found in the bumps. You will be at risk of experiencing ulcers or Folliculitis if:

  • have diabetes or diseases that cause a weakened body resistance
  • personal hygiene less awake
  • have a problem in the skin such as easy breakouts
  • wear tight underwear
  • often sweating

To solve it, you can do:

  • compresses unused boils with warm water, perform three times a day so that the pain is reduced
  • clean the area that there are bumps with antibacterial soap
  • If boils have already broken out, you can wipe it with gauze and apply an antibacterial cream

Bumps like Zits can also sheet by other diseases such as infections of the mites, fungal infections, etc. Follow the treatment from the doctor to thoroughly and control to a doctor when the drugs ran out. Advice for you:

  • use cotton underwear, not tight
  • replace your underwear when sweating
  • maintain the cleanliness of the area
  • lose weight if overload

Lump around the anus may occur in the following conditions:

  • Hemorrhoids, bump right on the edge of the anus hole a few stages are ranging from lumps, bumps inside out in, to lump settled and cannot be entered again. The majority do not feel there are any symptoms, but can also interfere with complaints such as pain or anal areas hot, bloody CHAPTER, etc.
  • Abscess or boils, bumps in the form of the first result there his infection of the area, generally feels pain and pus may issue.
  • Folliculitis, occur due to blockage of the pores or hair follicles which are then infected, so appear like bump spots acne on the skin area.
  • Anal fistula, in the form of inflammation that occurs due to the channels formed by blockage stool or infection. Symptoms in the way of difficult CHAPTERS, pain, painful CHAPTER of bumps, etc.
  • Molluscum contagious, small bumps with a white fluid form resembles the content of rice, not strain.
  • Condyloma acuminate looks like a comb cock, not pain.
  • Warts, HPV viral infections, an effect can appear anywhere.
  • Skin tags, excessive skin growth due to friction or injury to the skin around the anus area, no pain.

To her, the more surely if the lump feels intrusive, you can check with them directly to doctors so that it can be handled following the cause.

Acne near the anus, what causes it?

Bump Like a Pimple Near Anus: Causes and Treatment
Bump Like a Pimple Near Anus: Type of Acne

The area of the buttocks, groin, and around the anus is the body part that is easy because it is a humid area of the closed and folded. Sheet the moisture in the area such as physical activity, the condition of the body that is of listening sweating, weight, temperature environment, and the type of underwear/panties that don’t absorb sweat. Moist skin is a good atmosphere for the growth of germs and fungus.

A pimple on anus arising due to one of the infections due to bacteria (most often is a type of streptococcus and staphylococcus). This condition is generally in the language of medicine called furuncle and was conceived by skin conditions that are less awake clean, damp, or there is an immune disorder. Acne healing depending on size and severity. If still small, then you can use antibiotic ointment. However, if it is large it forms an abscess then it should be issued pus. To treat a disease required a thorough examination first.

Here are some tips that you can do to maintain the cleanliness of the area of the buttocks and groin :

  • Clean the crotch area each day and then dried it with a cloth.
  • Wear the pants in the crotch area dry after
  • Change panties daily
  • Do not use a towel along with the others. Use a clean sheet, wash towels as often as possible
  • Do not use pants or panties that are too tight
  • Lose weight. Someone with more weight had a risk of developing a yeast infection is higher
  • Immediately take a shower after doing physical activities and make you a lot of sweating.

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