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I love making treat for neighbors, friends and family. It has been a tradition since I was young to go out and Christmas carol to our friends and neighbors every Christmas Eve. And I love this tradition so much that I have carried that on with my kids and hubby.

I love making “the list” of people we are going to visit. There is only one problem, too many people we want to sing and give treats to. So some years we just narrow it down and other years, well we break it up for a week. Sometimes showing up even after Christmas. But every time regardless of when it is, people are all smiles. My kids love it too. I am sure there will come a time where they moan and groan but looking back they too will have this as one of the best memories.

So looking for some ideas to take to the holiday parties or something for your goodie bag? Here are {my choice of} 50 of the Best Holiday Candies to make this year.

source http://www.toprecipespedia.com/2018/11/50-best-holiday-candies_20.html