15 Amazing Recipes for Toddlers

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15 Amazing Recipes for Toddlers

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I started cooking with my kids when they were quite young. Even if a toddler can’t make an entire recipe on their own, they can do plenty to help prepare meals and snacks. Cooking with toddlers is a great way to bond, and learn simple concepts like measuring and counting. If you have multiple kids, then they can practice taking turns. You can also incorporate language skills into these toddler recipes as kids talk about what they are doing. These 15 Amazing Recipes for Toddlers are fun recipes for kids that they will love.

These 15 Amazing Recipes for Toddlers will help you bond with your kids while cooking. Cooking with toddlers is fun and educational. #toddlerrecipes #cookingwithkids

Anytime you are cooking, invite your toddler to help out in some small way. I have made all of these recipes with toddlers so it is possible to cook with toddlers and live to tell the tale!

Resources to cook with your toddler:

If you are inspired to do more cooking with toddlers and are looking for more toddler recipes, check out these cookbooks:
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Amazing Recipes for Toddlers

Homemade Mini Baked Donuts – What could be cuter than mini donuts? It is such fun for kids to make and decorate the donuts themselves.

toddler recipes
Princess Toast – This Princess Toast would be wonderful to serve at a play date, and if you are having a princess party, this would perfect for the guests to make and eat!
recipes for toddlers


Apple Pie Crescents – From beginning to end, toddlers can make this whole recipe!
toddler recipes
Pepperoni Pizza Crescents – pizza is a toddler favorite and these kid size pizza crescents are great for toddlers to make.
cooking with toddlers
Brazilian Cheesy Bread – This yummy bread is simple to make and kids love rolling the dough into balls.
cooking with toddlers
Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods – another option that can be personalized in so many ways.
toddler recipes
Frozen Banana Marshmallow Pops – possibly the best way to eat a banana!
toddler recipes
Yogurt Covered Berries on a Stick – toddlers have no idea they are eating something healthy!
fun recipes for kids
Muddy Buddies Recipe – not only is this a fun snack to make with a toddler, it is just fun to say.
recipes to make with kids
Easy Homemade Butter – Toddlers are amazed as cream turns to butter.
toddler recipes
Birthday Cake Popcorn – It’s not only for birthdays! This is one of our favorite recipes for toddlers.
toddler recipes
Easy Cheesy Crackers – if your toddler is a big fan of those store bought cheese crackers, make them yourself.
toddler recipes
Fruit Filled Crescent Cups – Easier to make than you think!
fun kids recipes
Easy Garlic Bread Pizza – This Easy Garlic Bread Pizza is the perfect recipe to make with kids. With just four ingredients, and ten minutes of cook time, this Texas Toast Pizza will become a favorite in your house!
recipes for toddlers
Soft Pretzels Recipe – make this carnival classic at home with your toddler. They love playing with the dough.
toddler recipes
Easy Blueberry Muffins – a great way to get toddlers to eat fruit!
toddler recipes
If you loved these recipes, check out these Kid Friendly Meals that are Easy to Make.

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